Azure Edge Stick Review 2022


With the humidity of summer still fresh in my mind, I am constantly haunted by the thought of those offending hairs that refuse to sit straight on my head. Does this sound familiar? I hear you and I’m here to tell you that the Azure Edge Stick might be your ticket. I’ve collected the most important information about this edge stick for hair in order to offer you a comprehensive review!

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An Introduction to the Azure Brand

Azure Professional is the company that manufactures the Edgestick line of products. Their edge stick for hair styling tools are aimed at both celebrity hair stylists and the common consumer. Their specialities are in the departments of frizz management and taming thick hair, which is sure to appeal to those of us whose hair has been stubborn even when subjected to other styling tools!

Azure Edge Stick Review

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Before you dive in and decide that this is the right styling tool to purchase, you should know the general features of this product. It allows you to create a sleek look to your hair, right down to the roots, using just one tool.

Each plate is equipped with a pressing comb that enhances the straightening effect of the flat iron. Essentially, the middle part of each plate on the iron heats up, but the combs (which will be in direct contact with your hair) do not.

Due to this design, you can straighten your hair right down to the roots without burning your scalp. I’m not sure about you, but starting my day off with a singed forehead is typically not on my to-do list!

The Azure Edge stick also has an adjustable temperature, heating up to a maximum of 450 degrees. The plates of this flat-iron are ceramic and coated in tourmaline, which is especially important if you frequently use heat on your hair. Ceramic gives off negative ions, which allow your hair to be heated safely. It also reduces the amount of time it takes to straighten your hair and makes your hair look smoother! If you’ve been using a non-ceramic straightener and you find that your hair is damaged, this may be part of the reason!

  • Protective pressing and styling combs
  • Safely style your roots without burning your scalp
  • Ceramic plates, coated in tourmaline
  • Adjustable heat controls (digital)
  • Heat ranges from 200-450 degrees (10 degree intervals)


One of the major benefits of the Azure Edgestick is the protective pressing and styling combs. It avoids the issues you would typically run into when using a normal flat iron (not being able to reach the roots) or a pressing comb (risking burning yourself if you try to get to the roots).

This styling tool is also very small, so you can take it with you wherever you might need to fix up your hair throughout the day! It also cools down fast after use, so if you need to pack it away after a quick touch-up, you don’t have to wait long!

Finally, this tool is perfect for after the gym, on a humid day, or after you shower. It allows you to fix up those stray hairs around your face with ease.

  • Protective combs
  • Compact and transportable
  • Perfect for small touch-ups throughout the day


The thing to be aware of with this tool is that due to its small size, it is not appropriate to be used on your entire head, unless you’re willing to spend a very long time. It really is meant as an accessory to a normal-sized flat iron, in order to get at your roots and bangs.

Another consideration is that if your hair is very thick or coarse, you will likely have to use the highest heat setting to achieve desired results. In addition, due to the pressing combs, it may be slightly fragile. You should be aware that if you drop it on the floor from a height, some of the teeth of those combs could break off.

  • Small size, not ideal for straightening all of your hair
  • Requires highest heat setting for coarse hair
  • Fragile combs

Who does this edge stick for hair best suit?

This edge stick for hair is best suited to those with medium to thick hair, or natural hair, who have a hard time straightening their roots and bangs with their normal straightener. It is also perfect for you if you find yourself constantly on the go.

If you need a tool to fix things up after a mid-day workout session or a humid day, this is a great product to consider. In addition, if you are professional stylist looking to enhance the service you offer to your clients, this product is an ideal way to step up your game!

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​What do other customers say?

If you need more guidance about whether or not the Azure Edgestick is right for you, here is some feedback that consumers like you have given!

Some ladies are pleased that the Azure displayed the temperature in degrees and said that it allowed her to easily straighten her hair from root to end. Another said that this tool heats up very quickly and was great for doing the edges of her hair. A customer said that it took her some time to figure out the technique of using this tool, but once she did she found it worked extremely well and was good value for her money.

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