BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer Review

BaBylissPro isn’t a brand that needs much introduction – we are mostly familiar with it already! Among all the awesome hair dryer products which are available from this company, there is one of the smallest, most compact and travel-friendly hair dryer: Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer. Check out my post here for more smallest hair dryer products.

About BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

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When we travel, the space dilemma is so common. Hence, the smaller the hairdryer, the more outfit options because there’s more space for our clothes! It doesn’t add up much to the weight of your suitcase either – the smallest hair dryer weighs only a pound.

Its lightness and ergonomic design also mean that you’ll control it easily and not get sore arms, as compared to using those big bulky hair dryers. This is also why many satisfied buyers are using it even at home, instead of their regular, big scale dryers.

Less Time Spent on Styling – More Time for Sightseeing

When you’re travelling, you’d still want to look good, of course. However, the last thing you would want to spend your time on are long beauty routines in your hotel room. This is where BaBylissPRO Travel Dryer comes in handy. It doesn’t take as much time to dry your hair as your regular small hair dryer does. For how small it is, it still packs a punch.

It is quite impressive for a baby dryer – 1000 watt motor is the strongest you can get in a dryer this size. This might not be strong enough for effortlessly handling hair which is long and thick, but any other type will be easily managed.

Easy Packing and Usage

This travel dryer is perfect for traveling wherever since it has dual voltage, so you don’t have to worry about buying different dryers to carry with you to different countries or continents. It’s also compact for easy packing, and it takes up just a small portion of space in your luggage. On top of this, its handle can be folded to reduce its size further.

Other Features

Many of its advantages have already been mentioned. The only thing you might find tricky with is the fact that although there are two heat levels: hot and warm, there is no cold shot button. Also, the speed and temperature of the air are interconnected: fast is hot, and slower is warm. Consequently, there are not much options when it comes to these settings, but this device makes it up by all the other more than handy traits.

One of them is the fact that it’s really not so loud, so you can use it without worrying about disturbing or waking your family or roommates. It also has a 5 feet cord for those situations when the plug and the mirror are not conveniently placed next to each other.

About the Brand

BaBylissPRO is the line of electrical hair care appliances and hair removal and beauty products by Conair Corporation. Its range of products includes hair dryers, straighteners, tongs, crimpers, trimmers and more. These products are used by a large number of professionals, and their experiences serve as guidelines for the further improvement, so that you can get salon look at your own home.


  •         Small and compact
  •         Efficient use of heat
  •         No static and frizz
  •         Far infrared heat for gentle drying
  •         Preserving hair’s health and moisture
  •         Shorter styling time
  •         Strong motor – 1000 watt
  •         Dual voltage
  •         Light in weight – one pound
  •         Foldable handle
  •         Quite quiet


  •         Long thick hair might not be completely effortlessly handled
  •         No cold shot button

Technology behind Tourmaline Series

All of the dryers in this series use ceramics and pure tourmaline technologies. The former is relied on for the efficient use of heat, and the latter for reducing the time required for styling and also for the release of natural ions which prevent static and unwanted curling.

This is how they give you voluminous, sleek and shiny hair, so you can finally forget about the annoying frizzy look. Tourmaline also produces far infrared heat which penetrates deep into your hair for gentle but efficient drying and styling, therefore your hair will stay healthy and naturally moisturized while perfectly styled.


If you’ve had bad experiences with relying on hotel hair dryers, and you’re looking for one which is more dependable and yet portable, you definitely should consider buying this one.

You’ll save your hair from excessive damage due to burning since this line of hair dryers is equipped with technology which dries it gently and keeps it hydrated. Beside keeping it healthy, this dryer will leave your hair looking great, silky and full of volume just like after visiting your hairdresser’s.

You’ll also save a lot of time, since this technology also shortens the time you spend on your grooming. Moreover, it’s a mini foldable dryer of a small weight which easily fits any bag and you won’t have difficulties carrying it around and using it wherever you might need to, especially since it has dual voltage, so it should work in most countries even if the power source isn’t 125. Furthermore, although it’s tiny, it has considerable strength of 1000 watts.

All in all – a mini, affordable and yet strong dryer with performances of a professional one is certainly good choice if you want your hair to look amazing at all times and your luggage to be of acceptable weight bulkiness.


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