Barbar ECO 8000 Hair Dryer Review

Are you thinking hard about investing in a good hair dryer? There are many hair dryers out there in the market, leaving you spoilt for choices. But did you know that most hair dryers emit large amounts of EMF radiation, causing harm to you and your family. They are also not energy inefficient and take a long time to blow dry your hair. Despite the low price tag, those cheap hair dryers you bought are definitely not worth it.

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If you are health and environment conscious, you should strongly consider the Barbar ECO 8000 Blow Dryer. With its 100% ceramic heating element and low EMF radiation output, it brings about health and environments benefits at the same time.

About this Product

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The Barbar ECO 8000 Blow Dryer is an innovative hair dryer, with the world’s first and only eco friendly ceramic heating element. If you are conscious about your body and health, this hair dryer is definitely for you! It not only reduces the amount of EMF radiation emitted by 98%, it also saves 40% more electricity than a standard hair dryer.

You will love this product as it protects your hair from getting frizzy and there are many health benefits with the low EMF radiation, thanks to its ceramic heating technology. Since it dries your hair much faster than the conventional blow dryer and is energy saving, you will also get to save the environment by consuming less electricity, saving you some money as well!


Low EMF Radiation

This is no doubt the best part about the Barbar ECO 8000 hair dryer. You may think that EMF radiation is harmless, since our human body has natural EMF as well. However, contrary to popular belief, long exposure to EMF radiation will bring about detrimental health effects, especially to our brain and heart.

Did you know that normal hair dryers emit the same amount of radiation as a microwave? If you use a hair dryer 3 to 4 times a week, you are exposed to a large amount of EMF radiation. So the seemingly harmless process of drying your hair daily can actually cause you health problems like cancer.

There is no question that you are harming yourself with that cheap hair dryer you bought from the local store. Instead of 200mG of EMF radiation, the Barbar ECO 8000 only emits 4.1 mG of EMF radiation. The extremely low EMF output from the Barbar Hair dryer will save your health and electricity bills at the same time!

Energy Saving by 40%

With the superb ceramic coil heating technology, you waste less electricity. This hair dryer is 90% efficient, so no energy is wasted. The ceramic coil and low EMF are also what makes the Barbar hair dryer kinder to your hair, protecting it from becoming frizzy and dry.

Long Lasting Technology

You can get more bang for your buck as this hair dryer lasts 5 times longer than the usual store bought hair dryer. What a great investment the Barbar Eco 8000 hair dryer is! The ceramic heating coil is not only friendly to the environment, but to your electrical bills as well.

Multiple heat and speed settings

Stop wasting your money at salons because the Barbar ECO 8000 Hair Dryer is professional enough. Well-equipped with various heat and speed settings, it also has a cool shoot setting. You can now dry your hair without harming your hair cuticles!

Two Air concentrated Nozzles

Do you find that drying your hair typically takes up a long time? You can now dry your hair within a shorter period of time. The two air concentrated nozzles of the Barbar Hair Dryer will help to direct the air flow to certain parts that may be harder to reach.


  • Super long cord (10 foot long), giving you freedom to move around
  • Eco friendly, saves electricity by 40%
  • Good for you body – Emits very low EMF radiation
  • Less damaging to your hair cuticles
  • Drys your hair much faster
  • Lasts 5 times longer than your average hair dryer
  • Cool Shoot Release function
  • Very quiet for a hair dryer
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Rather heavy for a hair dryer, around 1.5 pounds
  • Takes around 20 seconds for the air to heat up
  • More expensive than the usual hair dryer
  • Labels for the heat and speed settings at the side are not obvious enough

Conclusion: The Verdict?

Despite the price tag, the Barbar ECO 8000 hair dryer is definitely an investment that is worth every penny. This one of a kind hair dryer has a 100% ceramic heating coil which helps you in 3 areas – saving the environment by using lesser electricity, less harmful to your body with its low EMF radiation output and does not damage your hair as much.

Furthermore, Barbar Inc has been established since 2000 and they even provide salon professionals with a wide variety of superior quality hair products. As an innovative leader of hair care products, Barbar Inc designs, produces and sells their own products. You are guaranteed the best prices and quality as they always strives to satisfy their customers with incomparable quality products and good customer experience.

If you are health conscious, eco-friendly, looking for a quicker way to dry your long thick hair and want to save some cash at the same time, the Barbar ECO 8000 hair dryer is the one and only hair dryer that is worth it!

Final Verdict: Highly recommend! Worth your money!

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