Best Flat Iron for Black Hair Reviews [2022]

iron for black hair

Using a flat iron to style African American hair can be a struggle sometimes because of the thick, coarse curls. I have been through this struggle for a long time now and found some great choices to look at. I’m here to help you choose the Best Flat Iron for Black Hair to fit all of your needs.

Tips for Straightening Black Hair

Shampoo and Condition

If you ensure that your hair is clean every time you use a flat iron, there will be less build up on your styler. You should use a safe shampoo such as a sulfate free one so that there aren’t any harmful chemicals in your hair while styling; which can cause damage. Use a hydrating conditioner so your hair doesn’t dry out and also to help manage curls. If you want to help prevent breakage, you can use a cotton t shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel; it causes less stress on the hair while drying.


You want to always section your hair into smaller sections before straightening. This might seem like it will take a longer time to straighten, but that’s not the case. The smaller the section of hair, the lesser number of times you will have to run over your hair with a flat iron. Also, you want to make sure your hair isn’t tangled, which can be easier to find with small sections.


You want to keep your hair as healthy and shiny looking as possible; using a heat protectant can help maintain hair health. After cleansing your hair, put in a high quality leave in conditioner that is made for your hair.

Next, place oils in your hair to lock in the moisture; some oils include: shea butter that has been melted, olive oil, and coconut oil. Finally, spray a heat protectant in your hair to help with damage. If you can, try to find a protectant that is not alcohol based; alcohol based protectants can dry your hair out.

Dry Hair

You always want to make sure that your black hair is completely dry before using any heated styling tool, other than a blow dryer. You can either wait overnight for your hair to dry, or if your hair is like mine and takes forever to dry, you can use a blow dryer on low heat. Flat ironing wet hair can cause serious damage and breakages.

If you notice your hair becoming too dry while styling, you can add more oils then heat protectant and continue styling.


Best Flat Iron for Black Hair Reviews


Paul Mitchell Neuro Flat Iron

This flat iron takes less than sixty seconds to heat up and has one and a quarter inch titanium plates. Most users only have to go over their hair once to completely straighten their hair. The lightweight and slim design makes it easier to style your hair without putting strain on your arms. This product comes with a two year warranty and an adjustable heat setting. Using Smartsense microchip technology, the flat iron makes sure your hair doesn’t get burned and that the heat is distributing evenly throughout the plates. Check Price and more details here

– Smartsense microchip technology ensures even heat distribution
– Quick heating and easy styling cuts back on time
– Adjustable heat settings
– Comes with a two year warranty

– If you set the temperature too high, you can burn your hair
– The price is a little high, even with the added features

Bio Ionic Onepass Straightening Iron

The silicone speed strips on the ceramic plates shorten styling time. It has an adjustable temperature feature ranging from 240 degrees to 400 degrees. This flat iron will hydrate your hair by giving off negative ions that are natural. There is a nine foot swivel cord, making it easier to reach around your head to style. It comes with a five year warranty. Check Price & more details here

– Silicone speed strips on the ceramic plates
– Five year warranty is higher than many other brands
– Ceramic plates won’t snag hair
– Nine foot long swivel cord

– The strips might pull on your hair while styling
– The silicone speed strips wear down after time and are hard to clean

FHI Platform Professional

This flat iron is available in four plate sizes, ranging from half an inch to one and three quarters of an inch. There are three layers of ceramic infused with tourmaline, leaving hair shiny and soft. The heats range from one hundred and forty degrees and four hundred and fifty degrees. This product received the 2016 Stylist Choice Award. You can also use it for curling your hair or adding waves. Check price & more details here

– Choose from four plate sizes
– Heats up quickly
– Adjustable temperature settings
– Won the 2016 Stylist Choice Award

– The ceramic on the plates can wear off

GHD Gold Professional Styler

This 2-inch and lightweight flat iron has smooth plates so that it won’t pull on your hair. It comes with plate guards to keep them safe from scratches and other damages that can occur. This product is good for people that have dry hair. It comes with an auto shut off feature and a two year warranty. Check price and more details here

– Two year warranty
– Good for dry hair
– The price isn’t too expensive
– Auto shut off feature

– There is no temperature settings
– It can become too hot for some hairs and burn hair

Onei MK-I Halo

This product has floating plates so they don’t catch your hair while styling. This one inch flat iron is great for all hair types and lengths; and comes at a great price. It is also safe for chemically treated hair and will leave your hair shiny. There is a display screen and adjustable temperatures between 140 degrees and 450 degrees. It heats up quickly and automatically shuts off after thirty minutes of inactivity. There is also a four year warranty on this flat iron. Check price and more details here

– Safe for chemically treated hair
– 4 year warranty
– Great price that is affordable and reasonable
– 30 minute shut off feature
– Good for all hair types and lengths

– Doesn’t have dual voltage, so it’s not good for travel
– It automatically turns on to 350 degrees
– There is no display screen

HSI Professional

This flat iron heats up quickly with infrared heating technology. You can choose a temperature between 240 and 460 degrees. It has a long cord that is tangle free and an auto shut off feature. The one inch plates are good on all hair lengths and types. It also comes with an argan oil hair treatment.

– Adjustable temperature settings
– Auto shut off feature
– Infrared heating technology means even heat distribution
– Includes argan oil hair treatment

– The plates snag some customers hair
– There is no warranty

Karmin G3 Professional

This flat iron heats quickly and can add volume to your hair. Its ion field technology will seal in natural oils and leave your hair silky; this also means it is good for dry hair types. The slim design makes styling simpler. You can choose a temperature between 250 and 460 degrees. This product comes with a three year warranty and will shut off after one hour of not being used. It also comes with a heat mat and case for carrying and travel.

– Three year warranty
– Up to 460 degrees
– Ion field technology
– Swivel cord that won’t tangle
– Plates heat up quickly

– There is no display screen
– Some people have to go over their hair three times
– This product doesn’t last long for some people

Cleaning Your Flat Iron

You will want to keep your flat iron clean so that there is no build up on the plates that can damage your hair or make it greasy. Ideally, you will want to clean it after every use, if you can’t, try to clean it at least three times a week.

To clean your flat iron, take a soft washcloth with either flat iron cleaner sprayed onto it or damp with warm water and wipe off the plates. You will want your straightener to be heated up on a lower heat setting. If it beings to make a sizzling noise while cleaning, that is okay; don’t forget the clean the plate edges as well.


You can easily style black hair using a flat iron if you find the best one for you. Not everyone is going to like the same product or receive the same results. But there are a lot of products on the market, that you will find one that fits your needs perfectly. I hope that some of the top picks I listed will help you style black hair!

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