Best Hair Dryers For Your Fine Hair: 2022 Picks!

best hair dryer for fine hair

 I can’t say how annoying blow drying fine hair is. Finer hair is tough, thanks to how delicate it is. A harsh blow dryer will only damage it. After lots of trial and error, I have compiled a review of the best hair dryer for fine hair. 

What to Look Out For

Those of you with fine hair know how difficult it can be to get a hair dryer that will dry without damaging. This happens because it lacks two main features: control over the power level and control over the heat.

A good hair dryer will have not only these. It will also have other features to give good volume without making hair frizzy, dull, dry, brittle or flat.

“Watt’s” Important- Wattage

For fine hair, your blow dryer doesn’t need to have high heat. 2000 Watts is the ideal amount you should be looking for, but anywhere from 600 to 2000 is perfectly fine. Cooler air will even help you prevent frizz if you have lower heats.

Titanium and Ceramic

Even the material it is made from has an impact. Titanium and ceramic prevent heat damage by drying from the inside out and offering more even distribution. Plastic or metallic kinds tend to burn even thicker locks.

Speed and Temperature

Lower speeds are safer, so don’t pick one that doesn’t have adjustability. Speaking of adjustability, it’s important that temperature settings are present too. Low settings work most effectively with finer locks, and the adjustment in temperature and speeds can help you style in a number of ways.

Extra Bonuses

These features aren’t super necessary, but they can make the whole process a lot easier. A cool shot button, which is now present on many types, will send a blast of cool air to keep your volume in place. This is especially useful for fine hair. It's important for your blow dryer to be lightweight and small so you can carry it around and use it with ease. 

9 Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair


BaByliss Pro Porcelain Carrera 2

From one of the most popular styling companies out there comes the BaByliss Pro Porcelain. It's made of porcelain with heat rays that eliminate static and reduce drying time.

  • Has 1900 watts
  • Made of ceramic to circulate heat evenly
  • Has a heavy duty cord and a comfortable and easy to hold handle


  • The wattage is gentler than the usual 2000, but still powerful
  • It’s a professional model, but is lighter and more compact than other professional models
  • Uses natural ions to eliminate static for frizz


  • Location of the switch might not be too convenient, but should not affect actual usage
  • It may be smaller, but many people still complain about the weight and size

This is great for those of you not only with fine hair, but with kinks or curls too. It’ll give you that sleek and bouncy look without going to the salon. It’s a product you don’t want to miss! Read more reviews here


Elchim Classic

This classic hair dryer with a nozzle included works great for fine styling and drying. With a perfect balance between heat and air pressure, it’s a little hard to imagine shopping for anything else.

  • 1875 watts of power
  • Balanced between heat, airflow, and high air pressure with the nozzle
  • No cool shot, but has a cool setting


  • Without the nozzle, dries very quickly
  • It has a rare speed and heat combination, making it more unique
  • There’s a very low noise level that’s perfect for morning dries


  • The small nozzle on the end means it takes longer to dry thanks to the decrease of air
  • Does not smooth down flyaways
  • There’s a lot of pressure, but some people might feel it's not hot enough to give them proper smoothness

This is great for the average at home style. It’s easy to use and has the proper balance and heat for anyone to use well and efficiently. Not to mention the low noise level. It's perfect for those of you with roommates or spouses! It might not be as professional as you’d like, but it’s still one of the best on the market. Read more reviews


Turbo Power 1500

Italy seems to make some of the most well known hair dryers out there! A hand crafted motor that works for up to 2000 hours with great stability are all you can really ask for when it comes to choosing a good one.

  • 60 cubic meters of air per hour gives you fast effects
  • 4 temperatures and instant cold air with 2 speeds
  • Includes an anti-overheating device


  • Dries without making it poofy or frizzy
  • One reviewer said hers has worked for the past 15 years!
  • Powerful and high quality motors dry quickly and easily
  • Much quieter than most others


  • There’s a bit of added weight to the dryer
  • Some recommend the Turbo 3200 because of its faster speeds

Works great for even the novice stylist. It’s perfect for home and is quiet. Most importantly, it's durable. It lasts for years for many people and continues to last. If you want to make a good investment, stop buying $20 Wal-mart dryers and go for this one. Read more reviews


CHI Professional

The entire point of buying a better hair dryer is to get shiny and healthy fine hair without damaging it like the cheap brands do. That’s why you need a dryer like the CHI Professional. It dries hair fast and gives you the shiny fine hair you want.

  • It’s an 1800 watt dryer
  • Made with ceramic technology for infrared and even heat
  • It’s said to dry 50% faster than regular ones


  • It’s powerful, quiet, and very lightweight
  • It may seem like the power is low, but dries extremely quickly


  • There is no one year warranty if you purchase online or through any other outlet other than a professional salon
  • It starts to die after 10 months for some users
  • Works well, but gets really hot on the higher settings

Great for those of you who want a quick dry with little effort. If you’re rushing around in the morning like most of us, this’ll dry quickly and get you out the door in no time at all! Read more reviews


BaByliss Pro Tourmaline

The Babyliss is on my list twice with two separate products because they do such a good job. The Tourmaline is lightweight with power and comfort in mind, and those ions will provide a brighter and long-lasting shine.

  • 1900 watt power
  • Tourmaline and titanium work like ceramic to spread the heat out evenly
  • Works on any type of texture


  • It’s extraordinarily powerful while being lightweight and making styling easy
  • More affordable than many currently on the market
  • Powerful enough to dry both fine and thick hair quickly while spreading heat evenly to prevent damage


  • There have been some complaints about the nozzle having a tendency to fall off
  • Unfortunately there is no warranty in the US
  • The buttons might be inconveniently spaced, but should not affect actual usage

Great for everyone. Even if you or someone you know has thicker hair. It can dry all types to make it shinier and brighter while working quickly and efficiently.  Read more reviews


Remington AC2015

It’s tough to give your fine hair the proper body without drying it out or damaging it in the process. Remington to the rescue! Remington actually has a lot of styling products, but their blow dryer is salon quality that helps seal cuticles to give you that elusive shine.

  • Patent pending ceramic pearl technology to spread heat evenly
  • 1875 watts said to dry much faster
  • 3 heat settings and two speeds
  • Bonus concentrator and a diffuser


  • It’s quiet and has good heat
  • Despite issues with durability, the company has a warranty for three years and will replace it if there are any issues
  • Enough heat that you don’t need to hold it right next to your head!


  • There have been reports of issues after 6 months, but the 3 year warranty should sort that all out
  • It’s heavier than a normal dryer
  • The placing of the switches might cause you to hit them accidentally

Definitely for the budding stylist. With a professional system mixed in with Remington’s other stylist tools, you’re pretty much guaranteed a nice head of fine hair when you get started in the morning. Read more reviews


RUSK Engineering

How many products can you say are ergonomically designed? This hair dryer from RUSK is! Despite how user friendly it is with its light weight, it’s still a professional grade hair dryer that’ll dry your fine hair in no time.

  • 2000 watts
  • Weighing less than one pound
  • Using ceramic and tourmaline for less static and quicker dry


  • Dries your hair straight, and is even so strong you can lend it to your thick-haired friends
  • Horizontal wheel settings for temperature and power so they don’t switch easy
  • Locks out humidity after drying


  • Some users have complained about durability
  • Extended use might cause the dryer to become hotter than desired

 The RUSK works exceedingly well for those of you with frizz. It’ll lock out that moisture and dry your hair fast. Most people agreed that this dryer works well, quickly, and gives them the body they’re looking for. Read more reviews


Onei MK II

Even with my great recommendations here, I’m sure you’ve noticed many issues with their durability. Many break quickly, so it’s good that Onei guarantees a warranty with their powerful, lightweight, and handy hair dryer.

  • 1800 watts to dry fast
  • Quieter, cool shot button, 3 meter cord, concentrator, and diffuser
  • Contains an ionic generator switch for more styling options


  • It’s guaranteed for 4 years, so if it breaks, send it back!
  • Quiet, light, and has enough power to actually dry straight
  • Buttons are placed perfectly so velocity or heat isn’t accidentally changed


  • The concentrator doesn’t fit the nozzle accurately and keeps falling off
  • It’s been said that it’s not as strong as other brands
  • The neutral ion setting didn’t provide any more body than other dryers

It’s quiet, light, and easy to use, and despite its issues, it can dry in a flash. Styling isn’t so hard anymore, huh? Read more reviews


Solano Power 3200

Well we’ve finally made it to the end of these great options. Last but not least is the Solano Power 3200, which will have you wondering why you didn’t invest in a better hair dryer before. With ceramic for heat distribution and tourmaline for shine and a smooth finish, you can’t go wrong.

  • Has 1875 watts
  • Is made of both ceramic and tourmaline to stop flyaways
  • Including a weight-balanced AC motor for easy use


  • Takes half the time to blow dry compared to others
  • Lasts for as long as 10 years for some buyers
  • Doesn’t leave frizz, but instead smoothes and shines 


  • It’s heavier than a lot of the other dryers
  • Might not be as durable

Tips for Blow Drying Fine Locks

Contrary to the idea of treating your fine locks gently, you really need to get rough with it if you want a little volume. The most effective method is to blast dry when it’s wet by removing the nozzle and blow drying until you’re almost completely dry. Add in some styling products to pump up your volume even more before you go back to blow drying. Use the nozzle this time with a round brush, and when you’re done, some spray will help you keep that volume all day.

This blow dryer from the Solano Company is known for high quality. Sadly there are some issues with it lasting, but it dries quickly and efficiently. For those of you with fine hair that need to get out of the house in a rush, this is for you. Read more reviews


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