Best Heat Protectant for Natural Hair

If you are anything like me and have thick and curly hair, you will know that styling hair can become a chore. Once you blow dry, flat iron, or curl your hair, it always seems to look dry and lifeless. Choosing one of the best heat protectant for natural hair can help you achieve healthy hair.

Why Does a Good Heat Protectant Matter for Natural Hair?

Once your hair starts growing out of your scalp, it is dead, even though it grows. If you take good care of your hair everyday, your hair will remain healthy looking.
Heat damages your hair by breaking it or frying it. It can also cause permanent damage at a molecular level. Using heat to style your hair also damages the keratin in your hair. If you use a heat protectant regularly, you can help slow the progression of damage to your hair.

How Do Good Protectants Help?

Good protectants will help keep the proteins in your hair healthy. It will also help keep your hair from breaking. A lot of protectants will help your hair rebuild its’ strength. Some even mitigate water loss that is caused by heat and when your hair cracks.

Best Heat Protectant for Natural Hair

HSI Professional

This spray will help keep your hair under control and maintain its hydration. It contains argan oil which repairs split ends and will start repairing hair at the roots. It will keep your hair healthier, smooth and shiny without weighing your hair down like other products.

– Keeps your hair hydrated
– It helps to repair split ends
– Contains argan oil, which is great for your hair

– Very strong aroma
– Some customers didn’t notice a difference in their hair
– It only slightly mists your hair, so you might have to spray a lot

Tresemme Thermal Creations

Even though this spray is very affordable, it doesn’t lack results. This product won’t leave your hair feeling oily or greasy. It also won’t weigh your hair down. It keeps your hair shiny and soft. It even combats frizz and flyaways, giving you the best look possible.

– Great price for the size
– Very lightweight formula that won’t leave your hair feeling heavy
– Your hair will look and feel healthier after use

– Some customers still experienced frizz after being exposed to humidity
– Can smell bad after using a flat iron
– The spray handle breaks easily

Alterna Caviar Multivitamin Heat Protection Spray

This product will protect your hair from heat up to four hundred and fifty degrees while conditioning your hair. It can also slow down the aging process of your hair. With vitamin C and caviar extracts in the formula, it can help restore vibrancy, elasticity, hydration and strength. If you have color treated hair, it can help hold the color as well.

– Good for color treated hair
– Includes vitamin C and caviar extracts
– Protects from heat of up to four hundred and fifty degrees
– It can also condition your hair

– It’s a little pricey!

Kenra Platinum Hot Spray

This heat protector will hold your style all day long without leaving any residue. There is a little to no fragrance so your hair won’t smell burnt after styling. It will help combat frizz and leave your hair shiny and soft. This product is mainly for people who are going to curl their hair.

– Little to no smell
– Leaves your style firm and intact all day long
– Leaves hair shiny and smooth

– Made mainly for curling
– You might have to spray a lot to hold your style

Leyla Milani Anti Frizz Shine Heat Protectant

This product will repair your split ends while taming frizz and flyaways. There is a pleasant and light melon scent to this formula. It is alcohol free, which is good because it won’t damage your hair. It is a lightweight spray that will also protect your hair from sun damage. This product is not tested on animals.

– Not tested on animals
– Light melon scent
– Lightweight formula doesn’t weigh hair down
– Protects your hair from sun damage

– The price is really high considering you only get four ounces of product

Phyto Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray

This spray is infused with keratin and will help hydrate your hair. It keeps your hair silky smooth and prevents breakages. This protectant spray is good for color treated hair and will make your hair stronger. It also will help to detangle your hair after spraying.

– It detangles your hair which makes styling easier
– Lightweight spray doesn’t leave a residue
– Good for color treated hair

– Some people don’t like the smell

ORIBE Royal Blowout Styling Spray

This spray is great for making your hair straighter while blow drying and protecting your hair from heat damage. It will also shorten the time it takes to dry your hair, without lesser results. It repairs split and strengthens your hair. It will also add volume and keep your hair shiny and smooth.

– You only have to spray a little into your hair
– It keeps your hair super soft
– It adds volume to your style
– It has a good smell

– It is an oil based product
– Some customers have noticed that it has weighed their hair down


Styling your natural hair doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore. If you use a good heat protectant spray for your hair type while styling, you can keep your hair healthier. You can also help to maintain your style and add volume or detangle.

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