Top 7 Best Hot Air Brushes You Should Totally Try

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Hair comes into direct contact with the heating instrument of the styling tool. Both styling tools can be bought in different sizes based on the style you want for your hair.

Best Hot Air Brushes 2022

Infiniti Pro

The Infiniti Pro is a multifunctioning tool that sets its standards on changing the way we dry and style our tresses. Because the Infiniti Pro was designed with Ion Technology, it helps your locks stay silky smooth and free of frizz. While using the Infiniti Pro, concentrated ions are liberated from the ionic generator to create shine while protecting your locks from heat damage.

– The Infiniti Pro is made with ceramic technology! This technology allows heat to be evenly distributed to your tresses, preventing damaging heat spots while promoting the growth from root to tip.

– It’s tangle-free! The Infiniti Pro has anti-static, tangle-free bristols the help dry faster and give it a beautiful shine.

– Because the Infiniti Pro is a brush that heats and styles, you kill three birds with one stone! There is no need for an additional brush, blow dryer or curling iron.

– The infiniti Pro does not do your tresses justice when it is dry. Because heating is a part of its function, it causes dry hair to static really bad.

– For the rotating bristols to work the way you want it, there are buttons you’ll need to hold. There are different buttons to focus on the direction and the speed of the rotation.

– Though it may be smaller than a traditional blow dryer, it is a little heavier. Because the brush is a little bigger it may also make it harder or someone with shorter hair to get the most effective results.

Babybliss Pro Nano Titanium

The Babybliss Pro Nano Titanium was created with healthy tresses in mind. The titanium allows for a faster transfer of heat. Its durability makes it a good product to use in a salon setting as the titanium lasts for long periods of time.

– Produces great volume and shine to dull/flat tresses
– Rotating bristol can be turned on or off, depending on what type of style you are looking for.
– Compact for easy travel

– The cord can limit your distance

John Freida

Created with a whopping 500 watts, the John Freida is a dream for anyone looking for a reliable alternative to blow drying. Its titanium ceramic combined coated barrel makes it easier to turn your frizzy hair to beautiful, voluptuous tresses. While titanium allows your tresses to heat quickly, the ceramic allows the heat to be distributed evenly. With this combination, your will have the perfect balance of heat for a silky smooth outcome.

– Titanium and ceramic combined plating
– Equipped with anti-static and tangle-free bristles that helps the brush move through your tresses swiftly.
– Volumizes while drying

– Overheating has been reported
– Limited usage
– Bristles may wear quickly


Whether it’s a smooth, silky finish or a bouncy curl, the Instyler will help you achieve the perfect ending for the style of your choice. Its tourmaline ceramic plate is paired with a 2-way barrel that lets you choose the direction of your curls. It is equipped with 4 heat settings that change based on texture, with the highest setting being 425 degrees.

– Multi-purpose for achieving straight hair or curls
– Rotating barrel and floating plate
– 2-way rotation

– Limited warranty
– Gets extremely hot

Revlon Hot Air Kit

The Revlon comes with separate attachments for different styles. The tourmaline ionic technology helps your hair dry much faster than a typical blow dryer while adding shine. It is also equipped with nano ceramic technology which helps the heat to flow evenly through the hair shaft.

– 1500 watts helps dry hair quickly
– Good for light curls
– Affordable

– Loud when on high heat
– Bigger and heavier
– More of a styling tool than it is a dryer for your hair

Berta Hot Brush Kit

The Berta Kit has various uses. It straightens, curls and also flips your hair for a desirable style. Its ceramic plates give your hair a smoother looking finish. The Berta brush Kit also has a swivel cord which makes it much easier to get the perfect curl from any angle.

– 1-year replacement, 2-year warranty
– The bristles do heat which prevents unwanted burns
– Good for multiple hair textures

– Hair gets tangled in bristles
– Does not automatically turn off
– Heat adjusting buttons are on the handle which can be turned on or off accidentally while styling your hair.

What to keep in mind:

During your search, do take the time to make sure it’s suitable for your hair. Some are ceramic while others are titanium or just plain heated metal. If you don’t know the difference please take the time to look it.

Have you ever gotten frustrated with the many tools of your hair process because I have. From washing to blow drying, curling to styling, it’s safe to say that the “hair” process can become a “hassle” process. I never enjoyed my “hassle process” because it took some time to be done so I did something about it. I had never tried one but after doing extensive research I found that it was the greatest decision I ever made!

The Difference Between a Hot Air Brush and a Curling Iron:

While both are hair-styling tools, they have different functions and purposes. A hot air brush acts as a combination between a hair dryer and a brush where variations of heat come through a barrel to dry your tresses. The bristles, or teeth, of the brush grab your hair so that it begins to style while still drying your locks at the same time. Although it is meant to dry your locks, it is best when used on damp tresses, about 75%-80% dry, instead of full-on wet locks.

On the other hand, a curling iron should only be used on dry hair. The curls that are presented after using a curling iron and much tighter and bouncier than with a hot air brush. When using a curling iron, your up.

I didn’t know there was a difference until I realized that the plain heated metal was destroying my hair. Also, be sure to see if your product comes with a warranty. Warranties are a safe haven when your product wears out or gets broken. The return policy is good to keep track of as well, just incase you feel the product is not for you.

Some Tips For Using:

Let your brush maintain heat

Treat it just like you would a curling iron or flat iron. Allow the brush to heat up for a better end result to your hair. If you don’t allow the brush to heat up, your run the risk of an irregular look to your hair. Also, you’ll find yourself having to keep brushing that same section of hair eventually causing damage.

Part before you start

Before you put it to your beautiful tresses, section them first. I find that sectioning into 4-parts, starting at the back and working my way to the sides. Because you can adjust the temperature according to the size of hair you’re working with, parting it off makes it easier for the brush to distribute heat through your hair evenly.

Cool the curls

Before moving on to the next section to curl, allow the previous curls to cool down first. Doing this allows the heat to be freed from your hair so that it won’t conflict with the heat of the next set of curls. This also minimizes the buildup of heat that would otherwise be left on your face, neck, and head causing you to sweat.


At the end of the day, you have to choose the best hot air brush that’s right for you. What may work for someone else hair may not work the same way for you. It’s a game of trial and error. Make sure you do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Find what product works for you and love your hair girl!

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