We Rate The Top 5 Low EMF Hair Dryers You Should Be Using

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Today, we use more electronic devices than ever before. We’re practically surrounded by them at all times. So when scientists come with any conclusions about the negative effect this might have on our health, we really can’t be surprised.

One of the latest concern is the effect that something as harmless as a hair dryer can have. Just like many other electrical appliances in the home, it emits high EMF.

While there hasn’t been any scientific proof that would link them to cancer or other illnesses, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be as careful as possible, and the easiest way to do this is by getting a hair dryer with lesser EMF that will minimize your exposure.

Best Low EMF Hair Dryers

A good hair dryer should provide the right pressure and temperature that will work on your hair type. It should not dry your hair too much making it break due to the release of excess heat nor should it fail to dry your hair.

Selecting a low EMF hair dryer requires knowledge about your hair and the best dryer for it. You also need to know the features and specifications that the hair dryer has. The various settings of the dryer such as the heat settings and how to adjust from low to high heat determine whether you will have a bad hair day or not.

Here are some top low EMF hair dryers to pick from.



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The Supersolano Professional is designed for comfortable use and professional results. A super velocity high performance motor provides powerful airflow for fast drying time. This model comes with multiple heat and speed settings, a cold air button and 2 concentrators. The ceramic thermal grill distributes heat more evenly while the far infrared heat dries from the inside out for overall healthier tresses.


Why It’s So Popular:

  • Tourmaline adds shine, smooths your locks and makes it less frizzy
  • It’s really powerful, so it cuts down on the drying time
  • The hot setting is really hot, so your tresses will hold the style all day
  • It’s really well made and sturdy, so it will last forever
  • Comes with a really long cord

Keep In Mind:

  • Quieter than other models
  • Pretty heavy


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The Barbar ECO8000 blow dryer comes equipped with an ceramic heating element, instead of the traditional coil heating elements. Thanks to this, ECO8000 emits a low level of EMF (4.1 mG). On the other hand, this model delivers 1,100 watts of power, equivalent in heat and blowing power to a standard 1,800 watt blow dryer, so you can be health conscious without sacrificing performance. Comes with two air concentration nozzles for precision styling.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Easy to hold and handle
  • Ceramic technology protects your tresses from heat damage
  • Saves 40% more electricity than a standard dryer
  • Offers multiple heat & speed settings
  • Features a cool-shot release button

Keep In Mind:

  • The controls are in an awkward position that interferes with hand grip position

Chi Professional

Listed on many websites as one of the most popular at the moment, the CHI Pro is a 1800 watt model which is lightweight, quiet dryer utilizing ceramic technology, negative ions, far infrared and Low EMF to dry your tresses faster and leave it shinier. This model uses far infrared heat which is safer for the environment and reduces the level of EMF and dries from the inside and locks in moisture and dries 50% faster than regular models.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Cuts drying time in half and gives salon results
  • Comes with some practical features like the ability to remove the rear filter when hair gets caught
  • Leaves your tresses looking shiny and easy to manage
  • Great for managing fly away strands, static electricity and frizzy ends
  • Really quiet

Keep In Mind:

  • The on/off button is positioned in a strange place so you can accidentally turn the dryer off while using
  • A little heavy

Karmin G3

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This works at powerful 1875 watts for fast drying. Ceramic heating makes for healthier styling and the ionic technology produces a faster drying time and emits negative ions for smooth, soft and shiny results.

It features 2 narrow nozzle attachments and a professional diffuser attachment. This model offers 2 Speed Settings and an option for cold drying.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Dries really, really fast: will reduce the drying time for up to 75%
  • The attachments are great and never slip off the dryer
  • Works great for long, curly or thick tresses
  • Much quieter than the regular models
  • Makes hair less frizzy

Keep In Mind:

  • Doesn’t come with a comb attachment
  • The hot/warm switch is badly placed, so it’s easy to accidentally switch it while using


FHI Nano Salon Pro 2000

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The digital model features a digital temperature control that displays the heat using color from 99°F to 241°F. Depending on your hair type, you can adjust the fan settings to suit your desired heat temperature for your preferred style using the (+) or (-) buttons.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • A powerful hot hair dryer
  • Gives great results with a shiny hair effect
  • Dries hair evenly and very fast with a reduced drying time of up to 50%
  • Has a storage hook and an ergonomic shape making it easier to handle while drying your hair due to the self-grip as well as easier to store.

Keep In Mind:

  • The buttons are small

What is Low EMF and Why is It Good?

Basically, it stands for electromagnetic field. Many electrical appliances that we use on a daily basis (microwave ovens, washing machines, coffeemakers…) emit it. These include commonly used appliances such as tablets, computers, and hair dryers as well as larger appliances like fridges. Whether they are still on or off but still plugged into a power source, these emissions are still ongoing.

The highest radiation comes from appliances that use the most electrical current, such as handheld hair dryers.

Although it has still not been scientifically linked, some experts believe that the effects of these emissions can include cancer and possible immune system effects.

Luckily nowadays there are appliances labeled with ‘Low EMF’ that indicate that they generate a harmless amount of radiation, much lesser compared to other models on the market.

Many appliances that use electricity as a power source in order to function emit electrical energy in fields commonly known as EMFs.

While there are some low-frequency fields that emit less radiation, which is considered safe, EMF radiation can have its own negative effects. Finding low EMF appliances like a low EMF hair dryer is the best choice you can make.

EMF production and the level of radiation in a hair dryer

A hair dryer’s main element comprises of an electric fan, a motor and the heating element that heats up and blows dry the hair. Once there is power flowing into the dryer, the motor spins the fan producing electromagnetic fields.

Different devices are built differently, thus each device has its own amount of radiation that it emits. Large appliances like microwaves to smaller ones like cell phones all expose us to harmful radiation.

A hair dryer can produce quite a large amount of EMF. Considering the fact you use it on your hair, it is not that safe. Although not scientifically proven, studies by the Long Island Power Authority show the amount of radiation produced by standard hair dryers to be 60 mG – 200 mG at an inch, 1 mG – 1.5 mG at 1 foot and 1 mG at 3 feet.

The Environmental Protection Agency has conducted epidemiological studies that show the link between EMFs and serious health problems. Exposure to EMFs can be a threat to human health.

Do be careful on how close a hair dryer is placed to your head as well as the time spent on a dryer for safety purposes. To be on the safe side, getting a low EMF hair dryer might be the best option.

The manufacture of Low EMF Hair Dryers

Most hair dryer manufacturers work to improve hair dryers and come up with safer models with reduced EMF production. A few companies have reduced the level of EMF by using advanced technology and built-in EMFs to work through reversing the EMFs. A low amount of EMF is produced, making the blow dryer safe for the user.

How to Find Out If It’s Low EMF?

Unfortunately, if a hair dryer is not specifically labeled as Low EMF, finding out the levels of radiation in a model can be tricky, since manufacturers are not required to indicate them. But there are testers that you can use in order to test the EMF rating of the appliances in your home.

Once you measure, keep in mind that according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the recommended safety levels are at 0.5 mG to 2.5 mG, but the average model at up to 3 feet is generally at 60-20,000 mG (which is high).

If you can’t get an EMF tester, you can always stay safe by choosing one of those Hair Dryer models that are clearly labeled as Low EMF.

Exposure of EMFs to Beauty Professionals

Most beauty professionals in the hair industry are exposed to high amounts of EMF radiation when compared to other professions. This is due to the time they spend daily working on hair in their workplaces.

Using a low EMF hair dryer for a hair stylist is a great way to reduce their exposure. In addition, protective wear like smocks and aprons are also ideal.

Reducing your level of exposure to EMF Radiation from blow dryers

When using blow dryers, it is best to maintain a distance between the dryer and your head. This reduces your risk of exposure to the amount of magnetic field radiation emitted. When you double the distance between the source of radiation and yourself, it reduces a quarter of your exposure to it.

You can also dry your hair with a towel to reduce the water content first. This allows you to use the dryer for short time, reducing the time you will be exposed while drying.

It is difficult to ask people to stop using hair dryers so create a greater distance and lower your exposure to keep yourself safe from EMF radiation


With high quality EMF models like these ones, you will be able to take care of your hair’s health. All of the models on the list are salon-quality powerful ones that will cut your drying time, make sure your tresses looks smooth, less frizzy and shiny.

And of course, the most important part is that the EMF level of all those hair dryers are low and safe, and can’t even be compared to the other regular models on the market.

Their radiation levels are low-risk levels and you can select your desired choice based on their features and your preferences and start using the product without having any worries.

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