Best Shampoo for Chemically Straightened Hair: 2022 Reviews


When you see a beautiful woman on the street (or when you look in a mirror!), you’ve got to wonder how they keep their hair so straight and shiny. It’s a lot harder than it looks when there are chemicals involved, but the really hard part is how to maintain it. Beauty doesn’t have to be a chore if you know what to do though!

Maintenance Tips

The life of a woman is never an easy one, but women don’t need to struggle with keeping their hair straight anymore. Well, it still might be tough, although now at least you’ll have the proper tips on how to keep it healthy!

Methods for Maintenance

The way you care for your hair depends a lot on which way you choose to straighten it. I have three methods here that you might have used: thio-straightening, hydroxide, and thermal reconstruction.

1. Thio-straightening

Thio-straightening requires you to care for your hair constantly. It will need to be conditioned every day even if you don’t shampoo, and your shampoo should be moisturizer rich.

2. Hydroxide

The thio option allows you to go back to wavy hair, unlike the irreversible hydroxide method. Hydroxide is easy to maintain since moisture or heat won’t bother it.

3. Thermal Reconstruction

With thermal reconstruction, listen to your stylist’s recommendations on shampoo and conditioner since it will dry easy and quickly thanks to lack of moisture.

Things to Avoid: Chemicals

There are many things you need to be wary of, including any other treatments for at least 6 months after. More chemicals will make your hair brittle and dry!

1. It’s too Hot!

Heating products are a no too because they remove moisture from your hair. Hot showers are even out of the picture, and while cold showers might seem difficult, it will be dry otherwise.

2. Hair Care Products?

Shampoo is on the list of things to avoid? Yes, actually. You should be conditioning daily, but unless you have an oily scalp, don’t shampoo. Don’t use other products you may have used before either since they aren’t meant for straight hair. Specific products might be available in the store however.

3. Leaving the House

When going out, use an umbrella or wear a hat in the sun to stop the sun’s rays. It’ll help if you’re living in a hot climate too, and if you’re taking cold showers, a little time with a sun hat will do you good!

4. Regular Cuts

Finally, avoid letting your hair get too long. Regular styling and cutting provides healthy and thick hair since straight hair is very prone to split ends and damage. Your stylist would love to see you again too, and they’ll give you proper tips for the tough stuff!

Listen to Your Stylist

Lazy girls like me who find themselves rushing out of the house might not do great with straight hair, but anyone can look wonderful with just a few tips. For one thing, always listen to your stylist. They’ll give you the proper instructions to prevent dry and brittle hair.

Dos and Don’ts!

Stylists will also tell you what you can and can’t do. For instance, you can’t tie your hair in a ponytail or tuck it behind your ears, and you can’t wash it for 3-7 days after straightening. You even have to sleep with your it straight! For shiny locks, rinse it thoroughly when washing and use a leave-in conditioner after your days are up. Deep conditioning once a week and a wide tooth comb to detangle hair will do wonders too! With proper care, you can expect your hair to stay straight for as long as 3 months with a beautiful healthy shine.

Hair Care

Hair masks are also a very important part of caring for your newly straightened hair. Use oils once a week to help cleanse it, and wash it out if there’s any rain. You should even try eating a diet of nuts, fruits, and vegetables for healthy scalp.

Top 7 Best Shampoo for Chemically Straightened Hair

Yes, I know. I told you that you really shouldn’t shampoo too often after straightening, but some girls just can’t abide by the no shampoo rule. Every few days won’t harm your hair as long as you have the right shampoo to go with it.


Argan & Marula

With no sulfates, cocamides, parabens, alcohol, or artificial colors, what more could you ask for? On top of that, this shampoo has natural and organic ingredients like Morrocan Argan Oil and Marula Oil. All the hydration and nutrients in this shampoo are perfect.


  • Unknots quickly and easily- one woman said a brush goes through like butter
  • Promotes soft and silky locks
  • The Tinkii treatment allows your locks to look great even when you don’t wash it


  • Lots of perfume infused into this shampoo
  • Can feel dry and rough while shampooing thanks to all the oils
  • Said to not lather up very well


Even a novice knows about the Saphira brand. It’s one of the best ones out there, and is made specifically for hair that has undergone chemical treatments. As a sulfate free shampoo with pure keratin and Dead Sea minerals, you’ll get the long lasting results you’re looking for.


  • Only needs to be washed every 3-4 days
  • Hair goes from being dry to being strong, thick, shiny, and healthy
  • Smells great for days and never looks limp or oily


  • There’s no conditioner included

Mon Platin

Mon Platin preserves the chemical straightening over a long period of time without using salt or any other drying agents. It’s so effective, that it even prepares your locks for absorption of the hair mask for nutrition.


  • Smooth and clean hair
  • Prepares your scalp for further nutritious products
  • Preserves chemical straightening over time to make your job easier


  • Doesn’t include conditioner with the shampoo

To Summarize

There’s a lot of work involved in caring for your hair when it has had chemicals in it to straighten it. You have to think about how you had it straightened, keep it straight, resist washing it, take cold showers, protect your head outside, and go for proper cuts. Most importantly however, remember what your stylist told you! They’re a professional that knows best how to keep your hair sleek and shiny without drying it out.

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