Chi Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer Reviews

review of chi pro

With every special occasion or holiday season, you will go to a salon for a haircut, treatment or hair service. Although you are pampering yourself, these hair services are often very costly and do not last for a long time.

If you are looking for a budget, powerful and professional hair dryer, the Chi Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer should top your list.  Furthermore, its dries your hair evenly, emits lower levels of EMF radiation than your standard hair dryer. This means that you are getting better results and being health and environmentally friendly at the same time.

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About the Chi Pro Low emf Hair Dryer

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For those who are seeking for a professional hair dryer that will give you the salon hair you always dreamt of, this hair dryer will definitely be one of your top choices. One of the more highly raved hair dryers in the market, the Chi Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer uses ceramic technology. Your hair will be dried more evenly and be less frizzy.

The powerful 1500 watts motor enables fast airflow to minimise damage to your hair from the heat, allowing your hair to be smooth, more manageable and less frizzy. Weighing only 1.5 pounds, it is also very light, making it portable and convenient for everyday use.

In addition, the low EMF radiation also means that it is environmentally and health friendly. There are many hair dryers out there in the market, but they emit large amounts of EMF radiation, causing harm to you and your family.

Featuresreview of chi pro

Low EMF Radiation

With the conventional hair dryer releasing the same amount of EMF radiation as a microwave, the low EMF radiation output for the Chi Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer is definitely a plus point. Although some people may think that EMF radiation is natural and in our bodies, it is because the EMF radiation is present in very small amounts.

Research has proven that long exposure to EMF radiation has detrimental health effects on your body, especially to your brain and heart. If you dry your hair using a hair dryer daily, imagine the amount of EMF radiation you are exposing yourself to. So the seemingly harmless process of drying your hair daily can actually cause you health problems like cancer.

High-class technology

As mentioned before, the Chi Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer uses uses ceramic technology with negative ions and far infrared. This means that your hair will be dried more evenly and repel moisture and static with negative ions.

Professional results

The ceramic technology gives your hair the extra shine you need by locking the water in your hair. This gives you silky and beautiful hair after use, reducing frizz and static electricity at the same time. Hence you can save money from visiting salons to dry and style your hair.

Very lightweight

Only at 1.5 pounds, this hair dryer is extremely lightweight and ergonomic for 1500 watts of power.

Budget friendly

Despite the high end technology and salon-like results you can achieve, the Chi Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer is super budget-friendly at $99.99 USD on Loxa Beauty. This price tag makes the hair dryer very attractive.

Less damaging for your hair

With a cool shot button, you can protect your hair from over drying. It is ideal to use it when your hair is still damp.

Comes with 2 accessories

You can rejoice as the Chi Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer comes with a concentrator and diffuser! The concentrator helps you to direct airflow to certain areas of your hair which may be hard to reach.

Another accessory is the diffuser, which is perfect for styling wavy or curly hair. Both accessories are commonly found in salons and now you have the chance to do it yourself at home.


  • Health friendly with low EMF radiation output
  • Budget friendly for a salon standard hair dryer
  • Powerful at 1500 watts
  • Good for drying and styling curly hair
  • Achieve salon-like results at home
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Drys your hair 50% faster
  • Super long cord (11 foot long), giving you freedom to move around
  • Two years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Quite quiet for a hair dryer


  • Low air speed
  • Does not protect hair as much as ionic hair dryers
  • Does not work as well with thick hair
  • Only two speed options

Conclusion: The Verdict?

The Chi Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer is definitely one of the better hair dryers you can get in the market. The low EMF also means that it is better for your health and will definitely be beneficial in the long run. Well-equipped with ceramic technology for professional, you can salon-like results at home, it is definitely a dream come true!

Farouk Systems and Chi products have come a long way since 1986, and they pride themselves in manufacturing high quality hair products. You can see their commitment to provide professional hair and beauty products to the industry with the most advanced technology, based upon “Education, Environment and Innovation”.

With a long standing history and a good reputation for Chi Hair Products, the Chi Pro Hair Dryer definitely one to look out for! With premium features such as high end technology, professional styling accessories and low EMF radiation output, the price point makes it extremely worth it. Furthermore, you can save cash and long hours spent at salons!

Final Verdict: Will definitely buy! Worth it!

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