Dyson Supersonic Low EMF Hair Dryer Review

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

When you hear about the Dyson company, you’re probably expecting to see a vacuum cleaner. While Dyson does make great vacuums, they’ve entered the market of hair dryers now too with their innovative low EMF hair dryer. They may have gone through over 600 prototypes to get their final product, but to be sure it’ll work for you, take a look here.

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About Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


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The Dyson Supersonic is certainly one of a kind, sporting a smaller size that will heat up more than its competitors, drying your hair much faster without burning it. With subtle improvements like magnetic attachments, you’ll be able to more easily maneuver when you’re handling your morning routine. Rotate or swap those attachments without accidentally tapping the sturdy buttons.

You’ll still have to deal with the usual cord, but it may just be worth it considering how fast and quiet this hair dryer is. When you open the box, everything is set in a specific place, with all attachments in their various compartments. The design of the Dyson will strike you right away as you lift it and feel a more balanced feeling in your hand with the battery in the handle rather than the head. It may not be all that lightweight, but with the compact size and powerful motor, your arm won’t hurt by the time you’re finished.

Why Low EMF is Important

You know the Dyson Supersonic is a low EMF hair dryer, but what exactly are EMFs? EMFs are electromagnetic fields, which come from using any wireless device like a hair dryer. Low frequency EMFs come from electricity and appliances, while high frequency EMF is derived from wireless devices. Simply put, you’re surrounded by EMFs every day.

Just because you’re surrounded by EMFs doesn’t mean they don’t affect you though. Many people experience headaches or health problems when EMFs from devices interfere with their natural EMFs, creating stress on the body. You may not be able to get rid of EMFs completely, but by using devices with lower amounts of them, you can put less stress on your body and reduce any health problems.


You might already be enamored by the Dyson Supersonic, but before you pick one up, you might want more information on the specific features you can expect. The right features make all the difference for your hair.

Temperature Control

Sometimes hair dryers suddenly get too hot after a while, but not the Dyson. It measures air temperature 20 times every second, keeping temperature completely under control. Of course, with the Heat Shield technology, the surface stays cool too even when you’re styling up close.

Fast Drying

The power of this hair dryer ensures that you can finish up your routine much faster. The high velocity airflow gets specific areas, while the low noise level doesn’t wake anyone up.

Balanced Weight

Hold your hair dryer comfortably without worrying about your arm getting tired. The motor is in the handle instead of in the head, changing both the weight and the shape of the dryer itself.

Included Attachments

When you purchase the Dyson, you also receive a smoothing nozzle to dry your hair with smooth, wide air. This assists in giving you a smooth look. The styling concentrator will then give you air exactly where you need it, so you can shape hair one section at a time. Don’t worry about messing up the other sections of your hair.

Pick up the diffuser to disperse air evenly for less frizz and more definition too. Since all attachments are magnetic, you can quickly and easily adjust your hair dryer to fit your needs.

Button Positions

Just flick the button to “on” to turn on your dryer. Adjust the heat and speed by tapping the buttons on the back. Move to any of the four levels of heat, which you’ll see next to blue LEDs, or any of the three airflow power settings. You also have a cool air shot you can use for extra styling.


  •         Light and easy-to-use design
  •         Magnetic attachments are convenient and simple to adjust
  •         The heat leaves hair smooth and soft
  •         Balanced weight will not hurt your hands/arms
  •         The smaller and lighter motor, and innovative design, lightens the weight
  •         Compact and easy to travel with
  •         Spins and propels air faster than other dryers on the market
  •         More efficient, less likely to overheat, and unlikely to burn out
  •         Temperature stabilizer prevents burning hair
  •         Long cord with a good reach


  •         The high price point is daunting; most expensive hair dryer on the market
  •         Somewhat quiet, but not as much as you’d like
  •         The buttons are not easy to press without thinking
  •         Not easy to change settings during drying


The Dyson Supersonic may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a new and innovative low EMF hair dryer, this may be your preferred option. It includes a completely different design than its competitors to streamline your entire experience. If you’re able to overlook the price and button placement, the attachments, size, and heat will get your hair dry in no time.

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