Home Remedies To Lighten Your Hair

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Some women like to lighten their hair but find that bleaching can do terrible damage to their hair. Did you know that there are some incredible home solutions that can help you lighten your hair? No bleaching, no harsh chemicals, no long term hair problems!


Well, the most natural approach to get those genuine blonde highlights is to be out in the sun. Lie face down, covering your skin and spread your hair out to savor the beams of daylight.
Or get out in the sun more. Anybody with blonde to mid cocoa hair will find that it will become consistently lighter in summer if you don’t stay inside often.

Try not to be extreme obviously. You should be mindful so as not to wind up sunburned. Utilize an effective sun screen on all uncovered skin and you may likewise consider utilizing sun screen on your scalp.


Swimming in either a pool or the ocean and after that giving your hair a chance to dry in the sun is an awesome approach to help lighten it. Not to mention that swimming is a great exercise too!

Unfortunately, some of us might live in places where there is very little sun throughout the year and we would much rather stay away from the freezing ocean. What can you do then?

Lemon Juice

Crush one crisp lemon. It ought to give you around 2 tablespoons of juice. Blend this with 3 times the amount of water and apply to dry hair. Leave for a few hours before washing out. Do this consistently and your highlights ought to wind up lighter in an extremely characteristic looking way.

You might need to utilize a greater amount of the lemon juice/water blend on the off chance that you have long hair and less in the event that you have short hair.


Customary tea can help chestnut hair – appears to be insane given the shading that it is, however it’s valid! Make tea to a typical quality that you would drink, let it cool and afterward wash your hair with it.

It is best to test a strand before utilizing tea on your entire head. On the off chance that your hair is now a light shade, it might obscure it.

Some of these strategies can leave your hair rather dry, so make certain to utilize a decent conditioner for blonde hair. Shampoos and conditioners containing chamomile are awesome for reasonable hair.

Going out in the sun in the wake of utilizing any of these home solutions for help hair will build their viability.

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