How To Clean Your Flat Iron: Hacks You Should Know!

cleaning your iron for hair

If you use your flat iron frequently, or even daily, it is essentially to give it a good clean regularly just like any other tool. A clean flat iron will help it work at its best and give your hair the best effect that you’re after.

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How Does Your Flat Iron Actually Get Dirty?

Unfortunately, it is next to impossible to keep your flat iron clean at all times. Your flat iron can become dirty from product build up in your hair. Before you use a flat iron, it is recomm
ended to use a heat protectant spray. The residue from this spray can build up on your flat iron plates as you run through your hair. If you use a hairspray or other product in your hair, it can also build up on the plates. This product buildup can cause your flat iron to become dirty.

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Be Careful Not To Clean With

When you are cleaning your flat iron, you should only use specific items and cleaners. You shouldn’t use an abrasive fabric or sponge to clean your flat iron. Using abrasive items can cause your plates to scratch or peel. You also shouldn’t use any harsh chemicals or cleaners on your plates. Using harsh chemicals can damage your plates as well. When your flat iron becomes damaged, it might not work as well. You should always follow proper care instructions when cleaning your flat iron.

How To Clean Your Flat Iron

When you are cleaning your flat iron, you should remember to be gentle because you don’t want the coating on the plates to come off or become damaged. You should clean your flat iron after every use, at least it is recommended to. Even if you only clean it once a week, it can help to keep your flat iron operating at it’s best.

There are different ways you can clean your flat iron. One of the ways is to take rubbing alcohol and put some onto a cotton pad. You can then rub the cotton pad on your flat iron plates to get rid of all the residue. You can also use a paper towel with rubbing alcohol to clean it. You should always make sure that your flat iron is turned off before trying to clean it.

You can also buy a product that is called a cleaning stick. This product is made just for cleaning flat irons. You should allow your flat iron to heat up on the lowest temperature possible first. After it is turned on and heated, you can rub the stick over the plates of your flat iron. The stick might melt a little bit onto the plates, and that is okay. You can just wipe the plates off with a towel afterwards to get rid of the melted stick. You can also mix baking soda with peroxide until it forms a paste. You can rub the paste with your finger onto the plates and wipe off with a towel.

Hope these tips have helped you understand about cleaning your flat iron. Just remember to clean it frequently so it can work at its best and function like it’s meant to.

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