How To Curl Hair That Is Thick: 7 Tips To Know

curling thick hair

Before you even begin to curl your hair, you should make sure that it is clean and well moisturized. Having clean hair can make it easier to curl. The moisture in your hair can also help and protect your hair from heat damage. Curling thick hair, especially long thick hair, can be difficult because of the weight of the hair. The weight won’t hold curls as easily as finer hair will. Long hair can also take a long time to curl.

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Before you use any heated tool on your hair, your hair should be completely dry. You should also use a heat protectant spray as well to prevent damage. You will need to determine the size of curls you would like before using a curling iron. Big barrelled curling irons will give you large loose curls, and vice versa. Ceramic curling irons tend to get hotter than other ones, so if you can find a ceramic one, that would be helpful You can also choose a curling iron that doesn’t clip on your hair, you can choose one that you hold your hair with a heat protectant glove.


You should wrap your hair in two inch sections around the barrel of the curling iron. Your bangs should always be styled separately. You shouldn’t leave your hair on the iron too long, because it can cause serious damage. You should only hold it for about three to five seconds. After releasing your hair, you should pin the curl to your head. Once all your hair is curled and pinned to your head, you can spray your head with hairspray. The hairspray will help hold the curls in place. Then you can remove the pins and look at your new curls. Some people like to tousle their hair once it is unpinned for a messier look.

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Make The Curls Hold

    • Always clean your hair first and make sure it is dry. Some people may need to go a day without washing their hair for their curls to hold, but it is rare. You will need to figure out which works better for your hair.
    • Make sure your hair is healthy and moisturized. Your curls won’t hold properly if your hair is damaged and breaking. You can find products that will help keep your hair healthy and moisturized. You should always keep moisture in your hair, even when you aren’t planning on curling it.
    • Try older methods if you would like. One common method is cutting a shirt into strips and wrapping your hair around them as soon as you get out of the shower. This method can take a while because you need to allow your hair to air dry with the strips in your hair.
    • Use an old tube sock. You can also use an old tube sock with the toe cut out to create awesome curls that will hold. If you want loose curls, you should make the bun looser, and vice versa.
    • Use the right products. Unfortunately, not all hair products work for everyone. You may need to try out different ones until you find which ones work the best for you. If you are going to use heat, you will want a heat protectant. You should also find the best styling product as well to make the curls hold better.
    • Try something new. If you find that you get the dreaded kink in your hair after using a curling iron, you can try to use a flat iron to curl your hair. There are a lot on the market that are round enough to get the job done.
    • Clip your hair. Once your hair is curled, you should pin each section to your head to help keep the curls bouncy. This can also help to make your curls maintain their hold all day long.

Why Am I Not Getting It Right? 5 Big Mistakes

  • If you changed your hair too quickly from wet to dry or hot to cold, you can affect the way your curls will come out. If you aren’t using heat, you should set your curls while your hair is wet and allow them to air dry. If you’re going to use heat, keep your hair pinned to your head until all your hair is curled and cooled off.
  • No product. If you don’t use product, chances are your curls won’t hold. You can use hairspray, gel, or mousse. Depending on the method you are using, that will determine the kind of product you should use. You need to find the product that works best for your hair.
  • You let your pinned curls down too soon. Your curls will lose their form throughout the day if they are let down too soon. Keeping them pinned until your hair is completely cooled will help keep the curls in form.
  • If you’re using hot rollers, they should be left in for a while. A lot of sites and videos will tell you to only leave them in for about 20 minutes. For thick hair, you might need to leave them in for an hour or more for your curls to stay.
  • Your haircut can determine how well your curls stay. If your hair is thick and long, you will want to have a haircut that has a lot of layers. Thick and long hair can have a lot of weight to it, which will weigh your curls down and make them lose their bounce.

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