7 Steps: How To Volumnize Your Hair


I love hair and makeup tutorials. Everything looks so, so easy. You look at the perfect-haired girl effortlessly do her hair in less than 60 seconds.

You leave the computer, move proudly towards the mirror, where you spend the next 30 minutes trying to do what she just did only to end up looking like you’ve been camping in the mountains for two and a half weeks.

volume hair

At the beginning you think it’s your skills that are not as sharp as hers, but after some time you realize that it’s you, your un-perfect hair and un-perfect skin that complicate things.

The second stadium is the one when you give up, and start lying that you love wearing no makeup.

But only than comes the third stadium when you try to work a bit harder and improve the level of perfectness of your body. Your hair, too, can look nice. Well, at least nicer than what it looks like now.

Why Do I Have Thin Hair?

Maybe it’s not all left to nature’s cruelty and there are somethings you can do, or actually stop doing, in order to get closer to those pinterest 1-2-3 steps braid tutorials you’ve been staring at.

The things you might be doing wrong, that it’s about time you stopped doing, are:

You’re using a bad brush

It’s a mistake to still believe that the tools you use do not make any difference. Avoid using metal and flat brushes, which will not give you as much tension when working with the hair. Instead of metalic ones, use boar or mixed bristle round brushes.”

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Your hair is dyed in only one color

Similarly to wearing one-colored clothes that slim you down visually, having your hair dyed in only one color can have the same effect. Try highlighting, it will visually add more volume to your hair.

Your hair is too long

If your hair is thin, consider cutting it short or medium length. Thin hair will look even thinner when it’s weighed down by its length.

You wear your updos too tight

Ask any hairstylist, slicked-back ponytails pull the hair follicle and cause breakage, hair loss and a hair that seems thinner. Try giving ponytails some break.

Your hair color is similar to your skin tone

If your skin is pale and your hair blonde, you’re risking of it looking thinner. Try adding some more shades to your hair color.

Your hair color is too dark

Dark hair colors give the illusion of a thinner hair. Avoid this by going a few shades lighter next time.

You’re using the wrong hair products

You might love taking care of your hair with all this oil and nice conditioners, but keep in mind that oil-based and silicone-based products make it look thinner.

You use too hot hair styling tools

Using too hot tools or too often without the proper heat-protection can cause serious hair damage.

Your haircut is blunt

Adding some layers to your haircut will make it visually look more full.

15 Super Tips: How To Volumnize Hair

See a doctor

I doubt it’s that, it rarely is, but don’t exclude it – hair thinning and hair loss can sometimes be linked to a medical condition. If you noticed that your hair is falling more than the usual, do not panic, it might be regular once a year period, but if it doesn’t end fast – see a doctor. There’s a condition called androgenetic alopecia, it’s usually seen in women after menopause, but sometimes, rarely, it can happen to 20-somethings.

Eat healthy

You can’t only rely on hair products to get your hair stronger. Health starts from the inside. Consume food full of iron like spinach, kale, chard, beans and tofu, which besides iron also pack a lot of biotin and zinc, also important for healthy hair. Biotin can be found also in eggs, bananas, peanuts and salmon.

Massage your scalp

Not only that it feels so nice, but scalp massage will improve your blood circulation which influences new hair growth. It’s super easy and you can do them regularly by yourself in order to stimulate blood flow.

Determine the nature of your hair

Is your hair dry or oily? You have to know this in order to choose the right products to treat your hair. If your hair is oily, you’ll have to use a specific type of shampoo and probably wash your hair more regularly, like once a day, or once in two days.

If your hair is dry, you can shampoo it less regularly. In order to avoid washing your hair too often when it’s oily, try using dry shampoo, it will not only make it look cleaner, but will also add some volume to it.

Cleanse and condition to add volume

Choose shampoos and conditioners that say they will add volume to your thin hair. Some types of conditioners will build-up and make your hair look thinner and without life, but the ones labeled to add volume will not do this.

When adding hair conditioner, do so from the middle down to the ends, do not add it to your scalp.

Don’t towel dry your hair

Don’t use a harsh towel to keep your wet hair in, since it will cause breakage. Instead of using a towel use a gentle old t-shirt to blot your hair dry quickly, but do so as less as possible.

Lift your roots

Adding a volumizing product directly to your hair roots will make it look fuller. After washing your hair, add the volumizing product to wet hair on your roots and add some additional volume with a directed blow-drying. Blow dry your hair in directly opposite directions in order to achieve more volume.

Thicken the strands

Stay away from heavy styling products like creams and waxes, but do try using some styling products that will thicken your strands like mousses, sprays and lotions.

Try parting your hair in a new direction

If you’ve been parting your hair to the right ever since you can remember, you might want to try parting it to the left. After all this time of being flattened in the same direction, switching it will help adding some body.

Curl your hair

Have you tried styling some curls or waves? There are so many sprays today to chose from (even ones you can DIY) that will help you achieve those beachy waves that will make your hair look fuller. If you’re not so into sprays, try using some mousse to achieve those waves.

You apply too much heat to your hair

Completely avoiding heat is the best solution, but if you can’t allow yourself to do that the least you can do is turn it down. When blow drying or using a styling iron try turning down the temperature.

Use heat-protective products

Before drying or styling your hair, don’t forget to apply some protective product first. It will build a barrier between your hair and the heat that will help you protect your fine hair.

Choose a good brush

As I once said earlier, avoid using round metal brushes and hard plastic ones (that are known to snag fine hair). Instead try some natural material brushes with a cushioned base. And don’t be afraid – it’s not true that brushing on your hair can cause hair loss, so go on, brush as much as you want / need to.

Try getting a short, colofred haircut

Getting a layered, shorter haircut will make your hair appear fuller. Long, one-length haircuts don’t work well for fine hairs. Short haircuts will not pull down your hair and if you add some layers – it will appear even more bouncier. Be careful, avoid putting layers close to the scalp or on the ends.

Color your hair

Coloring your hair wisely (by playing with shades) will not only help it make look fuller, but getting different color highlights will diminish the contrast between your hair and the scalp. Hair color itself makes hair look fuller by expanding the hair shaft slightly.


Don’t give up. Maybe you will never get those unicorn strands you’ve been dreaming of, but by trying some different methods you can definitely significantly approve the way your hair looks (and feels!).

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