Rusk Speed Freak Fine Hair Dryer Review

rusk speed fine hair
 We all know that hair drying takes up a bit too much out of your already busy schedule in the morning. RUSK, one of the top salon brands in the world, has heard our “I’m late!” cries. That is why they designed the Rusk Speed Freak Hair Dryer for fine hair. It helps dry your hair quicker and get you out of your front door earlier in the morning.
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About Speed Freak Hair Dryer

Speed Freak is a ceramic tourmaline hair dryer that features far-infrared heat and natural ions. These are responsible for the drastic difference between drying time when compared to ordinary hair dryers. This is essential for those with fine hair. Speed Freak is 2000-watt dryer infused with ceramic and tourmaline. It emits natural ions that make your hair stronger and smoother. It is 4.5 x 10.3 x 10.5 inches and weighs 12.08 ounces.
This technology also cares for your hair by not producing too much heat which may damage your hair in the long run.
Speed Freak promises to help rid your hair of its frizz and give you smoother hair. So you can always look your best whether it’s a night out with friends or that gala you didn’t have time to style your hair for.
Speed Freak is a hair dryer that works for all hair lengths, textures, and styles. It is great for fine hair as it doesn’t dry or damage hair.
Taking proper measures when drying hair is essential in keeping it shiny and healthy.


  • Lightweight
  • Dries hair fast
  • Minimal sound
  • Not too expensive
  • Great hair dryer for fine hair



  • Sometimes blows your hair too hard and causes tangles
  • May get too hot— use on lowest setting

Rusk Super Freak vs Speed Freak

Two of RUSK’s hair dryers, Super Freak and Speed Freak, help you achieve the results they promise. They are very similar in a lot of aspects.
They both rid your hair of the unwanted frizz and ensure no static electricity to make your hair look sleek. If you have fine hair, that’s what you need.
They also dry your hair at a faster rate than most hair dryers. Although they may seem very similar in both specs and appearance, they have a few significant differences.


Super Freak is heavier weighing at one pound while Speed Freak weighs 12.8 ounces. Keep in mind that you’ll be moving the hair dryer around your head for an extended amount of time. Also, every ounce counts when you’re travelling


Super Freak has a shorter barrel. This aids in moving it around your head easier if you have shorter arms.


Speed Freak is cheaper than Super Freak but not by much.


Speed Freak has dial switches on the inside or the back of the handle. Super Freak has a sliding switch on the side of the unit


Speed Freak comes with only one concentrator nozzle. Super Freak comes with 2 concentrator nozzles that are 65mm and 70mm long

About Rusk

RUSK is the top choice for hair artists around the globe, founded by Irvine and Rita Rusk. It is now part of Conair Corporation. They offer premier tools and styling products for optimum hair care. They are sold all around the world but their most prominent markets are in North America and Europe.


RUSK has since established itself as a premier salon brand that all hair stylists and their beloved patrons trust. Both Speed Freak and Super Freak have been sold out and restocked repeatedly throughout the world. This can only mean one thing – they’re the real deal.
Purchasing either blow dryer would be a smart investment especially if you’re not someone to waste your time in the mornings. Whether you choose Speed Freak or Super Freak, both have different benefits to consider. But you can be sure that you’ll be satisfied with both.

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