What is The Smallest, Mini Hair Dryer? My Top 2022 Picks!

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Most of us girls need our hair dryer to start our day. But lots of us don’t necessarily want to lug around a large one when we travel. You might be a little unsure about using a mini one though, thinking it won’t have the power to get the job done. Lots of the mini smallest hair dryers are both compact and able to fit anywhere. I’m sharing the tiny hair dryers that still pack a punch.


My Top Picks: Smallest Hair Dryers



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This tiny hair dryer is stylish and great to look at, thanks to its pink cheetah design. It may look pretty, but it’s still durable, lightweight, and powerful with 1200 Watts.

The ionic DC motor will help with frizz while two speed settings allow you to work on your hair with ease. If it does happen to get too hot, don’t worry about your safety or the safety of your home either. This mini hairdryer will cut out automatically if it gets too hot.

You’ll even get a diffuser and a concentrator to help with your bangs and styling too, with everything being so small that you can easily fit it into your bags.

Why Its So Popular:

  • You don’t even need to use the diffuser to get a quick dry
  • Extremely small and light to maneuver
  • Even porous hair is dry in less than 5 minutes
  • Includes a diffuser for curly hair
  • The pricing is great for what you’re getting

Keep In Mind:

  • Doesn’t have the same amount of heat settings as others
  • The plastic it’s made of is not as high quality as expected

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium

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Pick up one of the smallest hair dryer from a reputable company like BaBylissPRO. It’s got 1000 Watts with dual voltage, so you can travel anywhere and still use it. The handle folds up to make travel or storage a breeze.

This tiny hair dryer may not have the highest voltage, but this still dries hair quickly to prevent heat damage from prolonged drying sessions. This mini hairdryer even got some ionic power that will help you eliminate static electricity and frizz, leaving your hair healthy and shining. Thanks to its light weight, you won’t have any problem keeping it up.

Why Its So Popular:

  • This is a true travel mini hair dryer model, and works in other countries exactly as it works in the US
  • Takes up just a little more space than a soup can when folded
  • The 5 foot cord reaches even difficult places
  • Weighs only a little more than a brush
  • Leaves hair shiny with no frizz at all

Keep In Mind:

  • The heat settings and the speed settings are not separate
  • Does not have a cool shot button

Conair Travel Smart

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Conair makes one of the most powerful smallest hair dryer out there. Their Travel Smart function clocking in at 1875 Watts. It’s only 4.9 inches folded up, so you’re able to easily go anywhere with this sleek and stylish one.

Make use of the dual voltage when you travel overseas, and use the two heat settings along with the two speeds. Dry your hair fast so you can get started with your day! Don’t worry about this dryer breaking quickly, since you’re able to remove the air filter to help with upkeep every now and again.

Not only does Conair’s dryer travel well, but it cleans great also to save you lots of time and stress.

Why Its So Popular:

  • Perfect travel mini hair dryer since it doesn’t need any sort of a converter
  • Very compact but still with a large amount of power
  • Includes some detailed directions that make it easy to use anywhere
  • Doesn’t take up much room and still is light and easy to lift
  • Lasts for a long time before you’ll have to replace it

Keep In Mind:

  • When you travel, you may only be able to use it on the low setting
  • You do need an adapter plug, since this is not included

BaByliss PRO Titanium Bambino Compact

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BaBylissPRO makes a few great compact hair dryers, with this BaBylissPRO Titanium Bambino’s small size not compromising the overall power. Make use of this titanium dryer to eliminate the frizz in your hair with two speed and heat settings meant to dry quickly at 1000 Watts.

This mini hairdryer completely lightweight for you to fit in your bags and hold without much of a problem. Thanks to the dual voltage as well, you can use it no matter where you travel, and with removable filters, upkeep is a breeze. As a travel mini hair dryer, or just daily use, BaByliss knows how to dry your hair quickly and efficiently.

Why Its So Popular:

  • Weighs less than one pound, so it’s easy to lift
  • The grip isn’t small despite the overall size
  • Has a good low hum, so it’s not as loud as others
  • Low heat is still quite powerful considering it’s only 1000 Watts
  • Very long cord for easy moving

Keep In Mind:

  •  It isn’t foldable like some others
  • The low speed and high speed have just as much heat

Ionic Dual Voltage

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This ionic and dual voltage small hair dryer includes some great styling tools to get your hair looking great in no time. It’s one of the stronger ones out there at 1875 Watts with a move-able chord to help you maneuver it wherever you need it to be during your morning routine.

Use it anywhere around the world with the dual voltage, and convert to 125V to 250V at just the flip of a switch. You can even use the two heat settings and cool shot button when you’re using 250V, unlike many others out there on the market.

With the built in ionizer, it will emit negatively charged ions to offset damage by the environment and improve your hair overall.

Why Its So Popular:

  • You do not need a converter to use this overseas
  • The power level is not lower despite the small size
  • The lightweight and compact quality helps you use it for styling
  • Made of high quality materials

Keep In Mind:

  • The concentrator is a little large

Panasonic Ionizing Turbo Dry

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Take a look at this sleek and stylish silver small hair dryer from Panasonic with some extra styling tools to make your hair look even more beautiful in the morning. It was made more for the Japan Market, so you might need a power transformer for more effective use in other countries, but it works great regardless.

It includes a cold air shot for quick styling, and if you’ve got to use it for a while, it shouldn’t be hard on your arms since it only weighs about a pound or so. It’s quiet, powerful, and lightweight at the same time with a simple white cord that won’t get in the way of your morning routine.

Why Its So Popular:

  • Great to look at and easy to use
  • Well-designed and durable for long-term usage
  • Includes at least 3 heat settings for styling
  • It’s easy to switch to cold air quick styling
  • Incredibly lightweight and easy to move around thanks to the cord

Keep In Mind:

  • There can be problems with switching between heat settings too fast
  • All packaging and instructions are written in Japanese

Braun Satin Styler

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You’ll receive a mini hair dryer along with a mini straightener with this purchase of the Braun Satin Styler, along with some styling tools to help you get your day started. It’s multi-voltage so you can make use of it no matter where you are in the world, with ceramic plates for easier sliding.

These flexible plates are unique in that they help dry your individual strands of hair and make styling so much simpler. You’ll even receive a travel case to protect your small hair dryer when you do travel. If you’re in a rush, this gets going fast.

Why Its So Popular:

  • Works as 1200 Watts for a lot of power
  • You receive a mini straightener too
  • The ceramic plates help you style a lot easier
  • Includes a travel case, unlike some others
  • The included travel cap will protect you from heat damage

Keep In Mind:

  • It does weigh a little more than some others, as 2 pounds
  • The dimensions are larger than comparable models

Andis Micro Turbo 1600-Watt Dual Voltage Hair Dryer

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This powerful and compact hair dryer comes with turbo drying power and 1600 watts. This product has a beautiful gloss white finish, and it has two heat or air settings for you to use. Its dual voltage feature is perfect for traveling, in which you can change the setting by rotating the switch to the voltage you need.

Accidents happen, but you don’t have to worry about breaking this small hair dryer by dropping it. This product has a lifeline shock protection, and it shuts off when it detects abnormal situation.

Why Its So Popular:

  •    Gives strong airflow
  •    It is affordable
  •    It takes up little space and weight

Keep In Mind:

  •    It’s loud when you use it with the high setting
  •    No cold shot button and only hot air are produced
  •    The handle is not foldable



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GHD is small and light. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold. In order to prevent your hair from overheating, there is a GHD hair safeguard technology that automatically turns off the device when you keep it too close to your hair. You can easily style your hair with the two speed and heat setting, as well as the cool shot feature.  

It also comes with a GHD protective travel page, and it has a universal voltage that gives the same performance as you travel.

Why it’s so popular:

  •    GHD hair safeguard technology
  •    Gives your hair a frizz-free look in a short period

Jinri 1000W Professional Mini Hair Dryer

jinri hair dryer


Check price and more details here

This hair dryer is well-known for its quiet feature, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing people around you when you start your beauty routine. Two heat settings are available, and you can also pick a “cool shot” setting.

The dryer also comes with a ceramic tourmaline air outlet, an ionic generator for reducing frizz and a detachable “concentrator nozzle” for different hair styling. It is also a durable dryer with a long-life DC motor for continuous use. Additionally, you can easily clean its removable lint filter and end cap.

Why it’s so popular:

  •    Powerful and quiet dryer
  •    Multiple settings for different hair styling needs

Keep in mind:

  •    It does not have dual-voltage, so you need an adaptor and converter when you travel

Sedu Mini


Check price and more details here

This dryer is small and lightweight that is great for travel. Apart from the dual voltage setting, it has two heat and speed setting to cater for different needs. Its advanced ceramic and tourmaline technology helps lock moisture in your hair and keep your hair shiny.

Why it’s so popular:

  •    It comes with a lot of accessories including a diffuser, concentrator, and a black travel pouch
  •    Easy to store with its foldable handle

Keep in mind:

  •    It produces a small volume of air and needs time to dry hair
  •    No cool air feature


This small travel-size hair dryer is in a delightful, bright pink that many women adore. It has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold. It is small, lightweight and powerful with 1200 Watt. The dual voltage feature allows you to take this beautiful hair dryer anywhere you go to brighten up your day and keep your hair nice.

Why it’s so popular:

  •    Beautiful color
  •    Weigh less than a pound
  •    Easy to use ergonomic design

Keep in mind:

  •    Does not come with an attachment
  •    Universal diffusers do not fit

What To Consider For Your travel mini hair dryer?


Sure, you want something smaller, but some that are marketed as small aren’t really all that “mini.” Consider the exact measurements before you buy so you’ll know exactly what you’re buying before you try it out.


A mini one may be small, but that doesn’t mean that it weighs nothing. Take a look at the construction, the materials used, and if you think you can keep holding it up for an extended amount of time. A lightweight hair dryer is typically weighed at around 500g.


For the most part, you’ll find ones that range from 1000-2000 watts. The tiny ones usually have about 1200, which does mean longer drying time, but with good heat and speed options, the time it takes to dry will be much less.


Lots of smaller ones have a combined option for heat and speed, or just a few options of low/high or low/med/high. See if there’s a cool setting around too. The “cool shot” button can help seal the cuticles of your hair and set your look.

Extra Features

Look for attachments like a diffuser and concentrator. There are also retractable cords, folding handles, and a dual voltage capacity for international travel. If you’ve got frizzy hair too, try to find something with ionic and tourmaline in it. Here are some tips for picking the most suitable hair dryer for your hair type:

Frizzy hair

A hair dryer with a narrow concentrator nozzle or ionic feature will be helpful to keep your hair smooth. Remember don’t over dry your hair.

Fine hair

Heat damages fine hair, so it is important to dry fine hair on low heat and speed. Pick a hair dryer with heat setting.

Straight hair

To keep your hair straight, you need to hold your hair dryer above your crowd for a good amount of time so a light small hair dryer will be perfect for you. If you want more than just keeping your hair straight, try a hair dryer with an ionic function that leaves your hair smooth and shiny.

Curly hair

If you want to keep your hair defined, try to dry your hair slowly by using a hair dryer with a low-heat setting.


In the end, be sure you consider how often you plan on using it and if getting something that’s more expensive is worth it. If you’re planning to use it every day, get something that will be worth it. Check your budget and look for a hair dryer that matches with your range. A basic hair dryer is usually cheaper than those who are more advanced and come with more features. Apart from features, the model and where you purchase the product will also affect the price. Make sure you do your research.


There are many available options, with even more options to think about for their mini counterparts. I’ve looked up the tiniest hair dryers out there for you, each one having lots of power and heat to help your hair dry quickly despite the size. If you’re looking just for something small or for something that will help you on your next travel trip, take a look here at the seven best.

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